Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Edit Your Blogger Template

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You may ask me why we need to edit our default template rather than using the options offered by Google’s blogger default templates. Reasons being you need a template that is search engine friendly and it does not use much images in the back ground therefore improving the load time when someone access your blog. The template am about to refer you to is search engine optimized and its simple to use and most of all its free. 
Setting it up is simple, first logging to blogger then select the highlighted button below.

blogger template

Then select the option template.

You will meet this interface then select backup/restore to your right as highlighted below.

Then you will see these interface and select choose file.

Before you choose file, first download the template from these site and click on download button.

Then you will be redirected to a download page, which you will click on the download button, which it will be saved to your hard drive then extract the template because once you download it comes as a zip file.

Once you have extracted the zip folder then click on choose file and select the extracted zip file then click on upload.

Then you will See these interface.

Congratulation you have uploaded a search engine optimized template to your blog. Now you can view your blog and check it out. In our next post will shall learn how to customize our layout.

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