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How To Customize Your Blog / Blogger

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Here we are going to fit your blog with the necessary or basic bells and whistles for it to be ready to launch your new post for the first time on the web. First Logging in to your blogger account then click on the button highlighted below and select Settings.

The picture below is the interface you will see. From here, you can only edit basic information about your blog. You can change the title of your blog edit the description of your blog, your publishing blog address and permissions that suits you best. My advice do not leave the description field empty make sure the description of your blog is short and simple. Description tells the search engine and readers what your blog  is all about. For Example if your blog is about health products then a short description would be “health tips to improve your lifestyle”.

The next Setting is Posts and Comments here the only thing you can edit is the moderation part. It is important to moderate the people that comment on your posts before publishing them. Then include the email address to which you want to moderate the comments, which I recommend the Gmail one that you are using to log in with.

The next setting is Mobile and Email. Here you can set whether to use your email to make posts to your blog or via mobile phone. I have not used any of these features but you can try then out then drop a comment and share your experience about it.

Language and formatting is the next setting. Make sure you have enabled transliteration so enable a wide audience to read your blog is the different world languages.

Under Search preferences, things get a little bit technical but do not lose, hope just follow my steps and you will be fine. For now will leave it until we make our first post live the reason being when we make our first post live will need to create a sitemap for the search engines to index your blog. Without being indexed by Google and other site engines, it might take along while for them to notice your blog despite of the regular posting.

The next setting after these is the other settings. From here we need to add is the Google web analytic Id thou blogger has an internal one but still we need to get the analytic id. The importance of Google analytics are as follows. It keeps track of :-
  • How many visitors come to your blog?
  • From which country you are getting the traffic.
  • How many unique visitors you are getting.
  • The bounce rate and the time they are spending on your blog.

In the next article or post will show, you how to set up your Google analytic s and things will get a bit technical but don’t worry most of them will be copy and paste.

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