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Writing as a Way to Make Money Online

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Making online is not as easy as most people claim. Am sure you have stumbled sites that promise people over night riches they are fraud sites designed to swindle people their hard-earned cash. There are legit sites that make that kind of money but they are established people online. But for newbie to make such I don’t think so.

Anyway making money online is just like a brick and mortar business. Where in brick and mortar business you just rent a space fill your shop with stock and advertise your products and services for people to come and purchase them in return make money.

The only thing that is different in an online venture is that your business does not have any boundaries at all. Your opportunities are limitless since in online there are no geographical boundaries or limitations to whom you can market your goods and services. The interesting thing is that once you launch your online business you are just a small island in a vast ocean. For people to notice your island you have to market yourself through various channels and have ready offers to people once they visit your business but first you have to establish yourself with content then money later. It’s a bitter fact.

There is no secret in making money online other than content. Content is King in making money online. The better the content on your site or blog the higher the chances of making it online. Let these not discourage you because not even the established online marketers began with good content but there are who started with good content due to large budgets available to them to hire professional to do that job on their behalf.

Anyway you writing gets better day by day out doing it frequently. All you need is passion for what you are writing about , simple understandable English and few grammatical  mistakes. Simply use the principal of start small with a big vision and grow big.
Today all share with you simple ways that you can implement today and being you journey to earning extra bucks or large bucks online. It is your choice. Note it takes time persistence and consistency plus focusing on one thing until you make it. Hope this tip helps you along the way.


It is far most simple way of earning money online. Now the question would be what to write about? You can write what you are passionate about this could range from movies, gadgets, cooking recipes, health tips and the list is endless. Now having known what to write about the next question would be where to write and post your content. Here are three ways to go about it.

First, you can setup your website with a domain name, hosting account and a listing program to which you can capture your reader’s details to communicate with them whenever you update new content online. This method will cost you a few bucks due to setup costs.

Second, you can start a blog using free resources from Google’s blogger, which is simple to use from other free blogging facilities like word press according to my opinion. Then post your content.

Third, you can use share a revenue sites. This are sites that are free to sign up with them  and they allow you to publish your content and in return they drive web traffic to your content on your behalf and they share the revenue they make from your content through advertisement the place on your content. Plus they have other ways in which they offer publishers like you to monetize your content also you earn a share of revenue generated by the people you refer to join via a special web link that they offer. The great thing is that you do not have to be a great writer to join them because they have a learning center where they train people to become great writers and a supportive community. Personally I use is Hub Pages because of the flexibility they offer. You can anything on any top topic of your choice you are not limited to a specific genre. Plus it’s a great way to establish yourself online among other ways.

For way number one and two, you can earn by monetizing your blog or website with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates and other ways that will continue to discuss in these blog. So far those are the most basic ways that you can use to monetize your writing.

The Downside of this method is that you have to promote your site or blog in order to get web traffic. Without traffic, it is like having a shop with no customers.

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