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How To Make Money/Income with You Tube.

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Are you interested in making money online with You Tube? Am sure your answer is yes. I cannot grantee that you will make money right from the start it will take some carefully planning plus promotion to give the edge or boost for you to earn.

Requirements to You Tube?

All you need is a Gmail account and a Google Adsense account, which You Tube will use to pay your earnings. Note: You can still upload you video’s and monetize without the adsense account and later apply for adsense and still get paid.

What can you upload?

Anything multimedia so long as you own the rights to the video.

How do you create a Video?

You do not need complicated equipment and an editing video studio. Just use the simple available resources like webcam on your Pc or Laptop or a camcorder or your smart phone.

How do you edit your video?

I use entry level editing software like the Apple iMovie for apple Mac operating system and Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows operating system.  The above editing software are more than sufficient to create videos for You Tube.  If you want to create videos using your computer like recording an onscreen video you can use Camstudio ( Free), Camtasia (Paid) or Animoto (Free and Paid).

How to upload your video?

Simply go to and sign in with your Gmail account. 

Then Click on upload. You will find a number or options Webcam capture, Photo Slideshow and Google + hangout these features are simple to use just experiment with any before settling to a specific one.

During uploading.

Tips on how to get good rankings!

  • Before uploading do some research on the keywords of your title of your video. You can use Google Keyword Tool or You tube search bar to give an idea of the best title you can coin for your video.
  • Make sure your description is short and detailed using keywords so as to encourage one to view your video.
  • Tags tell what your video is about allowing it to be found by people looking for your video. Put in at least 10 tags or more for your video so that it will be returned as a related video for as many searches as possible.

How monetize your videos after uploading?

Use video manager and locate your video. Click the “Edit” or “$” button next to your video. Click the Monetize my video check box and select the ad formats you want to enable for your video. Save Changes. Now your video is monetized.

Promoting your video!

After uploading your video you tube gives you are URL to your video. With these link you can share it via social media like facebook, Twitter, Google + and any other social media you are part.

You can also embed your video on your website or blog to get more views.Note you tube is also a great way of promoting your products and services if done correctly.

Interesting Fact "Gangnam Style video" was estimated to have generated $2,000,000 from YouTube alone at a reported rate of $2 for every 1,000 views. So upload your video today who knows it will be the next big thing when it goes viral.

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