Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Create Your Free Blog

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Am sure by now you have a clear idea of what to blog about and already written an article for your first post. Here al show a free method in creating your own personal blog. The reason I recommend these method is because it’s free to use and without overhead costs like buying a domain name and hosting charges. The advantage it’s all hosted for free by Google.

Step 1

Go to

Click then you will see these sign up form.

Here you will need a Gmail account that you use to check your email to sign in. If you do not have a Gmail account then you need to sign up for one. After you, sign in you will get an interface like these one.

Click the Icon New Blog and a new interface appears like these one below.

Make sure your title and address of your blog match together if possible. Don’t worry about the template because you can change it latter to your liking.After creating your new blog these is the interface, you will see.

Click on the highlighted button to your right to post your first draft. After clicking on that highlighted button, this is the interface you will see.

There is a place to post the title of your article a button to publish, a save button, Preview button and a close
button. My advice is do not publish your article write away but you can save it for now and preview to see how it will look once posted. Meanwhile familiarize yourself with the rest of features offered by Google. Now you have created your first blog. The next phase is customizing your blog. Stay tuned for the next article.

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