Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page.

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Before you learn how to make a fan page, it is good to know why you should have a fan page for your blog. Facebook has changed how to interact socially at a global level therefore affecting how we conduct business. It is a great tool that offers correspondence between customers and service providers at a social level and if you miss socially then you are missing feedback. 

In any business, missing feedback means missing what people want therefore missing what to solve people’s problems hence running out of business. It also offers a platform to which you can tell potential clients what your business is all about or services you are offering. In addition, it is a great way to get traffic back to your blog or site.

To create a fan page you need to have an account with Facebook then click on create page then you will see this interface.

You will see different options set for you. Now the first one is best for people who have a local business with a physical address or location to which they can be found e.g. computer sales shop, salon e.t.c. The Second option is for companies, organizations or institutions like schools, universities and many more. The Third option is for a brand or product and that is where we come in. For your blog or site, this is your best fit. The fourth option is for celebrities, politicians, music bands and artistes. The Firth one is for entertainment such as TV networks, Movie theaters magazine, studios and many more. The Last option is for a cause or community. Reserved for things that affect our society in general. Creating the fan page for blog select the option that best fits your brand or service you are providing then select your category then agree to terms and conditions then get started.

You be required to have a cover page and profile photo that represent your business. There are many sites that offer free photos that you can use to represent your business or service or you can get a graphic designer to design a cover page for you then upload it. Here is a list of sites you can use to get free images.

Then make sure you have added your blog URL in the about section and also in the website section. Now the next step is inviting you friends to like you page which Facebook gives you options to do so under the section of build your audience. I suggest first you use the free options before going to the paid options. Now you have a fan page for your blog or site.

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