Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to Create /add Site Maps to your Google Blog

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Sitemap is way of telling Google about your pages on your website or blog so that they can send crawlers and index them.Adding a sitemap to your blog is easy and free just open Sitemap generator or then type in your URL and click on generate sitemap.

Then the sitemap generator will generate these.

Go to your blog under settings and select search preferences. Under search preferences, select custom robots.txt. You will be asked to enable custom robots.txt? Select yes and the paste the txt in there and save changes. 

Then go to Google Web master tools and select your blog. Click on Sitemaps.

Then select Add/test sitemap then paste the last statement that was generated by the sitemap generator.

The Last Statement

Paste it and select test. If no errors, involved select add. Then you will see these.

Your Status will be pending after a couple hours like 24 or less when you return the Status will have changed then your blog will have a sitemap.

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