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HubPages: Making Money Online Writing for HubPages

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Making money online can be a challenge to starter or person looking for residual income online. More so, skeptical to a person who has been scammed by an internet program claiming to make money online in an overnight or push of a button. Today am sharing with you a guaranteed way to make money online writing for Hub Pages.

Prior before telling more about Hub Pages here is a tip about making money online you have to patient, consistent and willing to put in work.  

What is Hub Pages?

An online platform provides experts like you with tools to share your knowledge, experiences in a rewarding way. In addition, they help in building your readership through their vast community and earn from ads strategically place on articles that you post.

Here are some of my Hubs.

Who is Eligible to Join Hub Pages?

Any one above 18 years of age.


Ability to write and express yourself in English with no grammatical errors.


Access to a PC or Laptop with Internet Connection also installed with a word application software.

What to write about?

Anything that best fits you. Something you are passionate about or vested interest with.
Here are general topics that can guide you in what to write.
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Betting & Gambling
  • Business & Investing
  • Computers & Internet
  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • E-business & E-Marketing
  • Education
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Fiction
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Mobile
  • Parenting & Families
  • Politics & Current Affairs
  • Self Help
  • Spirituality
  • Sport
  • Travel 

Hot tip

If you are not good in writing don't worry they have a great learning center that you can refer and learn once you join them.

After joining spend some time checking out and commenting on others peoples work so to get a flow on how people write.

The secret is writing evergreen content. Content that never runs out of style in years to come.

Use Keywords on your articles for better search rankings on Google. Use Google keyword tool, which is free and will give ideas on what people are searching for online.

Example if you are writing about home gardening tips type the key phrases on Google keyword tool and will give the number of search results for that given topic. If Google is does not show you enough data or none on your key phrase then abandon that topic that you are planning to write about because there are no people looking for that information online.

Make sure you use 25% of the keyword in your article. Plus the general number of words required by hub pages is 500 and above.
Post at least 2 to 3 quality posts a week for the next one year, sounds a lot of work but the benefits thereof are great.

When writing your content think people first not money here is an example of the great Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs created apple store not to increase sales but to educate people more on his products. The more you educate people the more they appreciate your content and eventually purchase your recommendations hence earning more overtime.  

How does Hub Pages monetize your content?

Through their Ad program, which relatively simple plus they update you on a daily basis on how much you have earned for that given day from your hubs.

Google AdSense is also another way they monetize your content but first you have to be approved by Google. However, it takes time to be approved for the first time. Let these not discourage you, still you will earn while waiting to be approved by GoogleAdSense. If you have already have Google AdSense it will be easy by adding your publishing Id to your Hub account.

Note: Having Gmail Account goes hand in hand in being approved by Google to their AdSense program.

Amazon Associates is also another way of earning through Hub Pages but Hub pages will guide you in getting one.

Ebay is also another way to monetize your content on Hub Pages but to be approved you will need first to publish your first article for you join and earn from them.

How much you will earn?

Earning will entirely depend on your effort consistent, patience and quality of writing that is the fundamentals but the key factor on earning is massive traffic. The more the views your article gets the more the likely hood of your ads being clicked on, hence generating more income.

Hub Pages supports you with traffic once they feature your article but that’s not enough go out of your way and promote your hubs. Anyway will discuss more about promoting your hubs on my next post.

Another way you will earn through Hub Pages is by referring people to join them via a referral link that if they sign up through it within 30 days you will earn 10% of their earnings for a lifetime.

Harsh Reality

Do not expect to earn anything worth bragging about in your first, second, or even third month for some others it takes them a year to meet their first threshold. These fact should not discourage you from sign in up with Hub pages but to give you a sense of reality in what to expect.

Is it worth Joining?

My answer is Yes. It is worth joining. Most companies begin and it takes them up to 6 months or a year or worst-case scenario 2 years to start seeing some profit hence you to start today and nature your writing slowly who knows by the next six months to one year you will be earning. Just take a leap of faith and join and being the journey of earning online without a personal website or blog plus with a lot of flexibility on what to write about and above all Free to Sign up without any money upfront.


Please sign up Freely via these link so as to earn from your future hubs if you don’t mind.

Need Help?

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Writing as a Way to Make Money Online

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Making online is not as easy as most people claim. Am sure you have stumbled sites that promise people over night riches they are fraud sites designed to swindle people their hard-earned cash. There are legit sites that make that kind of money but they are established people online. But for newbie to make such I don’t think so.

Anyway making money online is just like a brick and mortar business. Where in brick and mortar business you just rent a space fill your shop with stock and advertise your products and services for people to come and purchase them in return make money.

The only thing that is different in an online venture is that your business does not have any boundaries at all. Your opportunities are limitless since in online there are no geographical boundaries or limitations to whom you can market your goods and services. The interesting thing is that once you launch your online business you are just a small island in a vast ocean. For people to notice your island you have to market yourself through various channels and have ready offers to people once they visit your business but first you have to establish yourself with content then money later. It’s a bitter fact.

There is no secret in making money online other than content. Content is King in making money online. The better the content on your site or blog the higher the chances of making it online. Let these not discourage you because not even the established online marketers began with good content but there are who started with good content due to large budgets available to them to hire professional to do that job on their behalf.

Anyway you writing gets better day by day out doing it frequently. All you need is passion for what you are writing about , simple understandable English and few grammatical  mistakes. Simply use the principal of start small with a big vision and grow big.
Today all share with you simple ways that you can implement today and being you journey to earning extra bucks or large bucks online. It is your choice. Note it takes time persistence and consistency plus focusing on one thing until you make it. Hope this tip helps you along the way.


It is far most simple way of earning money online. Now the question would be what to write about? You can write what you are passionate about this could range from movies, gadgets, cooking recipes, health tips and the list is endless. Now having known what to write about the next question would be where to write and post your content. Here are three ways to go about it.

First, you can setup your website with a domain name, hosting account and a listing program to which you can capture your reader’s details to communicate with them whenever you update new content online. This method will cost you a few bucks due to setup costs.

Second, you can start a blog using free resources from Google’s blogger, which is simple to use from other free blogging facilities like word press according to my opinion. Then post your content.

Third, you can use share a revenue sites. This are sites that are free to sign up with them  and they allow you to publish your content and in return they drive web traffic to your content on your behalf and they share the revenue they make from your content through advertisement the place on your content. Plus they have other ways in which they offer publishers like you to monetize your content also you earn a share of revenue generated by the people you refer to join via a special web link that they offer. The great thing is that you do not have to be a great writer to join them because they have a learning center where they train people to become great writers and a supportive community. Personally I use is Hub Pages because of the flexibility they offer. You can anything on any top topic of your choice you are not limited to a specific genre. Plus it’s a great way to establish yourself online among other ways.

For way number one and two, you can earn by monetizing your blog or website with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates and other ways that will continue to discuss in these blog. So far those are the most basic ways that you can use to monetize your writing.

The Downside of this method is that you have to promote your site or blog in order to get web traffic. Without traffic, it is like having a shop with no customers.

Kindly drop us your comments, views and let us discuss on this issue and do not forget to subscribe to get updates to your email address if you do not mind.

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How to Get Free Targeted online Traffic to your Site or Blog in 2013

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Online traffic is the lifeline of any new or existing website or blog. Without traffic it’s like having a store with no customers. Here are sure ways of getting free traffic to your website at zero cost. If implemented they are better than paid traffic. Thou the downside is that they take time to see results. Just be patient when implementing and do not give up.

Frequently updating your site or blog.

There nothing online that beats content in terms of web traffic. Am sure you have heard that “content is King”. If you have a static website or page is advice able you create a blog. By creating a blog, you can post news, upcoming events for your business or services. By having a blog it will improve, your websites page rank by linking it to your website. Writing good content for your blog means utilizing keywords throughout your post.  Updating frequently your site builds a loyal audience of recurring visitors who will often come to see what is new on your site and you can promote products in return earn money.

Use Social Media to promote your site

Half of the world’s population is on Face book and every day there are new signup’s  therefore new potential  subscribers to your site. You can maintain them using a Facebook Fan page and creating is easy. Here is a Free Tutorial on creating a Facebook Fan Page. Also, encourage them to like you page for more updates.

Twitter is also a great way of promoting your website/blog. Simply sign up to twitter and start sending tweets not spamming people with your links but creating a relation with people since people are social beings.

Google Plus is also an awesome way to promote your website or blog. Simply sign up using your Gmail account and create a Google Fan Page. Here is a free tutorial on getting started with a Google Fan Page.

Pintrest is a photo sharing site that uses pictures a form of marketing and it is easy to use. Simply signup and start pining photos. Therefore make sure you have original photos on your site. If you don’t have photos you can get photo’s from photo sharing sites like Flickr,Zoomr,Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket and Photoshop Express.

Use of Social bookmarking Sites

There are simple to use and great way of getting back links back to your web blog or website. Simply sign up and in your profile include your web link pointing back to your site. Here is a list of sites you can use.
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • BuzzFeed
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • FARK
  • Slashdot
  • Clipmarks
  • Newsvine
  • Diigo
Or you can use only wire a paid service that broadcasts your website or blog updates to 47 social bookmarking for a monthly fee.

Using Share a Revenue Sites

They are a great way of getting back links as well as getting free targeted traffic back to your site. They offer a lot of flexibility in what to write about.You are not limited to a specific niche like a blog or website. They also help in creating an audience for your blog which means more traffic over time. The other advantage is that they offer revenue to your posts that you share with them. Plus it's a recommended way for newbies to start online before venturing to a web site or blog. For people who are looking for more back links and traffic it's a sure way also. Join one here today and post articles to get more traffic to your site or blog.


Pinging is a great way to get traffic to your site. They alert search engines about new content posted on a blog and in return the search engines send their spider bots to come check out fresh content so to index your blog and the new content.Though it's not guaranteed but a good practice to employ whenever you have fresh content on your blog or Hub. With time you see increased traffic to your blog.
Here is a list of 8 reliable pinging sites to use whenever you post fresh content to your web blog.

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