Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blogger’s Setup and Configuration Checklist

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Blog name or Title. Is name memorable to people that will visit your blog? Does it match with the content you will be posting to your web blog.

Blog URL or Address.  Does the URL match with the blog name?

Tag Line or Description. On Blogger it’s under settings > Basic. Gives the visitor a quick over view about your blog without reading through your content.  

Posts and Comments. Settings > Posts and Comments. Make sure under Comment Moderation you include and email address to which you will be approving comments by your readers also show word verification so as prove the person posting the comment is human not an automatic script.

Mobile and email. Settings > Mobile and email. You can configure to make posts to your blog via email.
Language and Formatting. Settings > Language and formatting. Enable transliteration so as reach a world audience of different languages.

Search Preferences. Settings > Search preferences. Under Meta tags add a description about your blog so as to tell the search engine what your blog is all about. Crawlers and indexing add robots.txt as explain here.

Other. Settings > Other. Here make use you have added Google Analytics Code as shown here.

Make sure you have a Google Plus Account, Google Plus Fan Page, Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account. Now you are almost ready to launch your new blog to the World Wide Web. The next phase will discussing on how to monetize your blog for revenue and customizing your posts will keywords to attract visitors to your blog. Happy Blogging and drop us your feedback.

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