Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Add Google Analytics to Blogger/blog

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Google Analytics it is a free tool offered by Google that enables blog and website owners to monitor and  exactly know where there web traffic is coming from. Google Analytics will give you
  • The number of people that visited your site/blog.
  • The average duration spent by the visitor.
  • The number of page views on your blog/site.
  • Demographics of where the visitor was viewing your blog( Country, City).
  • The System their using to view your blog/site (Browser, Operating System)
Adding Google Analytics to your site is simple.

Go to GoogleAnalytics and Sign in with your Gmail account details since everything in Google is sychronised by the Gmail account.

Then Select Admin to your Right and Select New Account.

Then Google Analytics will ask what would you like to track?

The ID you will get from Google Analytics will look like these UA-1233434-1. Copy the ID and go to blogger under Settings Select Other and go to Google Analytics and paste the ID there.

Save Setting. Now you have added Google Analytics to your Blog. To view the number visitors to your or blog log in to Google Analytics under Accounts click on your account to see the activity on your blog

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