Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Create a Google Plus Account.

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Before Creating your Google plus account it is important to know why bother creating a Google plus account. It is a great social media platform a part from Facebook and twitter to which you can link up with like minded people.

It is a great way to promote your business online for service you offer or goods that you are selling online or offline.In addition, it gives you flexibility to whom you share your information with via the circles they have created for you and you can create your own circles. These are some of the circles with in Google plus Family, Acquaintances, Friends and many more that you will discover when you sign up with them. The great thing is, you will sign in using your Gmail account and from there you fill in your details.

Go to then sign in with your Gmail account.

From there fill in your details as much as possible, upload a real photo of you then under profile go to contributor and link your blogger URL there. Google will suggest for you people you may know add then in the different circles as best fit for you. Now you have Google plus account to which you share your blogs posts within your circles to get traffic back to your site.

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