Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Create/Setup a Google Fan Page

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Before learning how to set up a Google fan Page you might be asking yourself, why do I need one for my business, organization or brand that you have? Then comes the other question of I already have a Facebook fan page and a twitter page isn't these enough already my answer to you would be not enough.

Reason being it’s Google fan page and Google is the world’s largest search engine therefore not having a fan page with them means you are missing big time on valuable and targeted traffic back to your site or blog hence missing on potential customers or clients or fans to your brand, service and organization. 

Setting Up the fan page.

You will need a Google plus account then go to create Google Create Fan Page then you will these interface. Here pick the category that best fits your business, brand, organization or entertainment. 

The Second Step is Adding Info to your page.

The Third Step is making your page come alive. Here you will add a cover page and a logo that best represent your business or organization.

Then click finish now you are up and running to make your First post. At first you will find it a little confusing compared to the facebook one but eventually you will get used to it. The next step is linking your Google plus account with your Google fan page. Go to your google plus account and select settings as shown below.

Under Settings Scroll down until you see Google + Pages and select automatically add a Google + page to my circles if I search for + followed by the page’s name.

To View your Google fan Page under Your Google Plus Account shown below.

The Next thing is going to your Google plus account under Profile you select edit profile and select about then go to other profiles and add the URL to your fan page. Getting the URL to your fan page is Easy just select the whole URL that appears on your webpage.

Now you have a Google Fan page start making posts about your blog or notifications. Have a Great day.

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