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How to Add Google Adsense To Blogger

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What is Google Adsense?

An advertising program allows publishers (websites/blog owners) to insert relevant and targeted ads on behalf of Google in exchange of revenue that is if a visitor clicks on the ads placed on their site. It is one of the ways that publishers use to make moneyonline. It is not a quick rich scheme it takes time and loads of traffic to earn from these strategy. The Key is writing quality content using keywords and being persistent.  

You might ask me about Keywords?  Keywords are the lifeline of articles you post online or make on your blog or website. Keywords are used by search engines to give relevant information to users whenever they are searching for a particular thing or information.  For example if you are blogging about gardening tips, go to Google Keyword tool and type gardening tips 

You see results like these.

From here, you get ideas of the keywords to use for your article. Do not over use them. Use 20% in your article.

The next step is getting the Adsense account. First Step is having a Gmail account then sign in. Go Adsense then follow the simple instructions  laid out for you by Google. It takes  8 hours for the first phase of approval then they will send you an ad code to add to your site. Unless you add the code to your site then you will never be approved for Adsense.

Once you have added the code they will monitor your blog or site between 2 to 7 days for them to approve. The best way to be approved is by posting several posts to your blog then apply for Adsense. Once approved the next step is configuring Adsense to blogger.

After Google improving on blogger nowadays it’s automatic not manually as before. Simply go to your blogger and select earnings.

Select show ads on blog and display select the first option.

Now by doing so you have monetized your content on your blogger. The remaining thing is driving traffic to your blog. Note don’t click on the ads posted by Google on your blog reason being Google will lock your Adsense account and reactivating it will be a problem.

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